How to allow Access for Specific Device

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I have a website , in which I which store Invoices which need to be Encrypted . If Anyone can Access I will fall in Very Big Trouble That can be only accessed from a Specific Device , Is that Possible , Or How can I Make it UN-Accessible for All , So that No one can Access the Invoices , Except Me

Any Help will be Highly Appreciated .

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Websites are meant for making content accessible to others - be it with restrictions, such as other employees in your organization, or everyone with an internet connection. If you’re the only one who should have access to the content, I would not recommend putting it on a website. Storing this content locally on your computer, with appropriate backups of course, will be far more secure than putting it on a website.


@albert Thanks for Replying ,

Yes , Definitely there are meant for Accessible to others . We also make the Organisation Home Page & other Pages , accessible to others .

No , I am Not the only Person , I have 30 Employees in our Organisation

But i can’t put in all Files in Laptops that’s very bad , So we got an IDEA like to digitize all files to our website and we also added password authentication to it

But My Question is can I Make it Access to only our Company Devices or make it accessible only in our Company not outside Is this Possible ?

@albert so there is no solution for this ?

Any firewall rule ?

Thanks for clarifying!

If you’re talking about storing and restricting access to internal documents, a file sharing and collaboration solution such as Microsoft Office or Google Workspace is often used.

If you’re talking about restricting access to a website, you might want to look into a solution such as Cloudflare Access which will let you put the website behind a login page. However, as with any Cloudflare product, this only works if you ensure requests actually pass through Cloudflare - so you’ll need to block non-Cloudflare IPs at your origin.

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@albert , Thanks for reverting back

I would like to first of all is Cloudflare Access is Free it’s shows there is a free plan available but I don’t understand why it ask me Payment Details ?

Yes, the Zero Trust Free plan is free. It requires a payment method, but you will not be charged.

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Ok , is there any other method ? without payment details

No. Adding a payment method is required.

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