How to add "www" to my subdomain?

My “www” record is currently in my main domain. How can I have the “www” to my subdomain also? I want my subdomain to be like / because currently when I add “www” to my subdomain it says “can’t reach this page” obviously because I don’t have “www” to my subdomain record. What’s the correct process? Need help. Thanks.

Add a CNAME which points to the subdomain, configure the origin to accept a request from www.subdomain and pay for a certificate to cover the www subdomain using ACM.

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I already have a CNAME for my subdomain (I’m sorry I forgot to mention). My problem here is that I can’t add another “www” because it’s already in my main domain, and Cloudflare don’t accept duplicate CDN records so I can’t add “www” for my subdomain.

Right. You can only have one CNAME record with a given name. It’s not that Cloudflare won’t let you it’s that it is specifically not allowed by the RFCs (standards) that govern how DNS works. Where do you want your CNAME record to point? If you want it to point to edit the existing record or delete the existing record and replace it with the the new one.

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