How to add Wordpress Mulituser/mulitisite sites to Cloudflare

I asked this a couple of years ago and still no answer. I have read and read answers in here and everywhere I can find them, but they are all confusing. So…I have a Wordpress multiuser site. It uses subdirectories.

mainsite. com
mainsite. com/dogsite
mainsite. com/catsite

The subdirectory sites are mapped, so now they are:

mainsite. com
dogsite. com
catsite. com

These sites are being attacked relentlessly. How do I put them on Cloudflare??

The same as any other domain. Cloudflare doesn’t know or care about them being WP multisites.

The only potential complication I can think of is if you are wanting to use Cloudflare APO since the same plugins are shared across a multisite WordPress installation. You will need to do your own testing for that scenario.

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