How to add wildcard records with partial cname setp


I have my domain setuped using partial cname and my authoritative DNS is not cloudflare
currently on a business plan

I would like to know if i can add a wildcard dns entry with the partial cname
currently iam able to add specific subdomains of my website through cloudflare

but would like to add sudomains using * through cloudflare to my origin without adding dns entry for all the subdomains individually

iam getting a mixed responses from the cloudflare support and solutions engineer
support says its not possible but the solutions engineer says its possible
also the documentation seems to have nothing mention about this use case

can anyone help i would like to know if we can achieve this using partial cname or do i need to convert to full dns to be able to use wildcard records

I’ve heard Cloudflare’s Solutions Engineers are pretty smart.

You’d need to purchase or upload a certificate to cover the wildcard.


That’s ok, I am.

Sign up for a Business or Enterprise account for

Add a proxied :orange: wildcard record in Cloudflare which points to your origin.

Ad a wildcard DNS entry in your authoritiative DNS for * which points to

:person_shrugging: I’d suggest using ACM or uploading your own certificate. I don’t use CNAME setups and can’t test.

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