How to add Tittle+Description+Keywords meta tags to domain

I have changed the nameservers from the default Namecheap nameservers to the ones generated by Cloudflare and (working hard to make it work) have achived to make the domain to shows the “https” and the lock simbol at the browser’s direction bar. That made me glad :wink: .

But now at Namecheap I’m no longer able to add the meta tags such as “Tittle”, “Description” or “Keywords”.

When I used the default nameservers at Namecheap I was able to do this, as shown on this Namecheap article:

I don’t know how to implement the same configuration here in my Cloudflare domain profile and add the tittle, description and keywords to my domain to configure properly this kind of “important SEO” stuff.

I guess it has something to do with add DNS records or something like that, but I don’t know where or how to add and configure them.

Surprisingly my domain remains the tittle+description+keywords that I originally set at Namecheap, which it’s a lucky for me, but I really don’t know how this had happen as I no longer use the Namecheap nameservers and so, my original Namecheap configuration was gone (to get in return the Cloudflare “https” securty thing, which I’m glad I finally made it work!).

I need to know where to configure that meta tags here at Cloudflare in case I want to change something in the future at the tittle, the description or the keywords.

Please somebody answer my question or show me that what I’m answering makes no sense or it can’t be done the way I’m guessing it can be done.

If I can’t add those meta tags in Namecheap, I really hope that there has to be a way to do it here at Cloudflare, because if not, where can it be done?

To be able to add “Tittle” or “Description” or the “Keywords” is such a “SEO basic need” that would make no sense to me if now, because I’m “bypassing” my domain through Cloudflare, that can’t be done.

Does your site have content, or is it just like a domain park?

To be honest, I’ve never used it in the way you’re referring to.

For the sake of SEO, I prefer to set it on the web page or on the CMS rather than the domain.

It does have content, but it’s a free Wix page. I know that it is not the coolest thing in the world, but it is what it is.

And the fact is that originally in Namecheap I was able to add thoose meta tags (as you can see in the Namecheap article that I shared in my first message) but when I switch to the Cloudflare nameservers and DNSSEC thing, now it can’t be done at Namecheap.

At Wix, even in a free Wix page, I think it is possible to configure this meta tags, but the page I’ve published has not anything of that implement (mostly because it’s not the final version of the web), so as I a see that the page still shows the “Tittle” in the browser top bar, I would like to know where are thoose data taken from and why are they still showing: are they some kind of “residual data” from the original configuration from Namecheap or what?

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