How to add the subdomain A record in Cloudflare?


I bought a domain from a hosting provider (lets call it : When i tried to create a subdomain they said it cannot be done because:

The domain is purchased from “” however it is using nameservers of CloudFlare. It basically means, all DNS records resides in Cloudflare and we don’t have any control of it. It is the main reason why we asked you to add the subdomain A record in Cloudflare.

I don’t have a CloudFlare account related to my domain (also dont know how the nameserver ended up in CloudFlare).
How do i add an A record for this or at lease get the DNS Zone file as requested by ""


What’s the domain?

Yeah, that domain is configured for Cloudflare with the nameservers lex and reza. If you say this should not be the case, you should change the nameservers at your registrar to those which you actually want. Otherwise you simply need to configured that record on Cloudflare and there’s an article how to do that at #tutorials.

Thanks for your reply.

This is what my hosting provider said:
If you contact Cloudflare they can provide you with the DNS zone file for the domain, once they have provided it to you then you could attach it on a ticket response here.
Once we have the DNS zone in place then we could bring switch over to our nameservers without causing any disruption to service.

My question is how do i contact CloudFlare? Not sure where to contact and get the DSN zone file … Any idea how this can be done?

They seem to want you to export the DNS records from Cloudflare and provide them with that file. You can export your records in your Cloudflare DNS dashboard and will get a text file with all your DNS records, which you can then send to your provider.

As I mentioned earlier: “I don’t have a CloudFlare account related to my domain (also don’t know how the nameserver ended up in CloudFlare).”

That’s why i’m unable to get that file. Any way i can get those without login in? Maybe by contacting CloudFlare. Then again how to contact them regarding this? Any links for that please?

Well, your domain does point to Cloudflare and Cloudflare responds for it, so the domain has definitely been set up for Cloudflare. If that wasn’t you you’d need to clarify this with your host or web developer or whomever else is authorised to make that change.

Contacting Cloudflare won’t help you, as they won’t just “give” you access if you do not have the login information. Your host should actually have all the necessary information on how to configure your domain for their system and they shouldn’t need that export, so it might be best to set the nameservers back to your host and they take it from there.

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