How to add the option in screenshot

Please help me how to add the service on the picture.

Under Firewall Rules, Action = JS Challenge.

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can u specify please?

Go to
Select Your Domain
Click on the Firewall Tab
Scroll Down to Create a Firewall Rule

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dont understand. what should i pick?






There are examples and full explanations in my previous link…

Field: Country
Operator: Does Not Equal
Value: Your Country
Action: JS Challenge

im a bit confused. i want to challenge all countries. can you please guide me how to? sorry for asking too much. thanks.

Simplest way: In the ‘Overview’ tab of your domain, select ‘I’m under attack’ in the ‘Quick Actions’ dropdown.

Can also be set using either a ‘Firewall Rule’ (enable JS challenge based on some criteria) or a ‘Page rule’ (enable ‘Im Under Attack’ mode based specific URL) if you only want it on certain pages or access attempts.

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