How to add tags and metadata to CF Stream Uploads


Hi we have implemented CF streams into our platform, but we need a way to add tags and/or metadata to the video. This will allow us to fetch videos based on a key:value. Really, this request may have 2 parts. We need to be able to add data to the upload, but then have a rich API to fetch 0 or more videos based on this data. We are using streams in production and while we really like the service, it is EXTREMELY bare bones in terms of doing anything other than upload a video and play it. I built a node express server to handle the uploads, so I’m leveraging tus-js-client wrapped by the package cloudflare-stream. Can I add this data now, or is this another feature that I have to wait for? (I’m not sure how you can have a production-ready service that is missing even the most basic features like tags, searching, fetching multiple videos, etc. I really want to keep this service and make it work, but trying to use it to support one of the core features of our platform has been very difficult without needing to build a ton of custom stuff to make up for these missing features.