How to Add Subdomain to Blogger

How we can connect subdomain to blogger. I am having my main blog which is hosted on namecheap . I want to connect my subdomain to blogspot blog.

I tried adding two CNAME records that blogger asks for at the time of adding subdomain to it. But it is not connecting . Please tell me how to do it.

Make sure the CNAME is :grey: DNS Only. Give it five minutes to take effect.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to ask Blogger to check your DNS records and advise.

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Do I need to add A records as well or not . I have only added CNAME and did not add 4 A records of google. it says “could not update setting. Try again” when I try to add subdomain on blogger. Is my seeting of adding 2 CNAME is correct.

As I said:

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