How to add sub-domain in cloudflare?

Basically, our sub-domain hosted with Bubble.
We have a paid plan with Bubble. As per the bubble forum announcement.

We can switch our sub-domain to Cloudflare to avoid web loading issues.

When we tried to do this, it states that only domain will be applicable.
A snapshot is attached for your reference.

Please help us to switching our sub-domain hosting from bubble to cloudflare.

Hi @wsu.app18,

The screenshot is not accessible to us, would you be able to upload it directly to the forum?

My guess is that you are trying to add the subdomain to Cloudflare on its own, that won’t work and you would have to add the root domain.

Hi domjh
File is attached.
So root domain is a mandatory thing to connect with cloudflare?
Is there any way to connect only sub-domain to it?

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You could only add a subdomain on a CNAME setup, either on a Business plan or via a Cloudflare partner.

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