How to add SSL to a subdomain

I am technical but not THAT technical…so pardon me if this question sounds basic…

I have setup a CNAME record to have reroute to but when I go there it returns a 404 error at this url: 404 Error

Someone…far smarter than me…said I need to enable SSL for that subdomain in order for it to reroute properly.

How do I do this?

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The 404 error suggests the origin server doesn’t have anything that matches your request. The first thing I would check is whether your custom hostname is configured at the origin server.

Hi and thank you for your reply.
My DNS is handled by Cloudflare and I have setup the CNAME record as you can see here: Records Tra...

I’m not sure what I would setup on the origin server to do this…shouldn’t DNS handle it?
It’s resolving to a 404 on the origin server…when It’s supposed to just go to the destination server.

In this context


are the same server.

No. It is not something that DNS can alter. Your destination server still needs to be configured to serve requests for your custom name.

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