How to add something like a cname but with a specific port please


I was wondering if its possible to add something like a cname to my Cloudflare dns to access my maps server on another domain (own server)

my main site registered on Cloudflare is
my maps server is

the maps server is using http but on a nonstandard port of 32767 instead of 80

I couldnt work out a way to do this and was wondering if anyone has an idea

Thank you

Cloudflare only proxies specific ports.

If you cannot place it behind a reverse proxy on your origin server, you will need to use a hostname that is :grey: DNS Only to permit access to the non-standard port. If the maps are non-HTML content, that might be necessary anyway to avoid running afoul of section 2.8 of the Cloudflare terms.

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thanks for the reply, some additional information that I forgot to include

the maps are xml text files so hopefully that will be ok
the server is running nginx and using noip to resolve the domain name to the dynamic ip

i really have no clue how to setup this on Cloudflare

i’ll read the docs you posted and see if i can understand it


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thanks I got it working, the mistake I was making was trying to add the port into the cname

instead I created a cname that points to and then access it by

thank you so much :smiley:

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