How to add SNI Certificate to website?

I’ve been trying to add the SNI certificate to my website but having searched everywhere, I can’t find a solution! Here’s a pic of what i’m talking about.


The certificate I am forced to use is the Let’s Encrypt Issued by E1.

You can not choose the certificate that is issued to your site. Is there a reason you don’t want the Let’s Encrypt cert?

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I just want it to have that fancy Cloudflare certificate. Also is E1 better than R3?

There isn’t really a better or worse certificate or CA. Any certificate issued to your site is going to preform the same function.

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Okay. But is there a way to set it to Cloudflare?

The only way to change the CA issuers is through an undocumented API call. You can only change it to Digicert and Digicert is being phased out.

Dayum okay. Thanks I guess :frowning:

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