How to add secondary server?

My domain is with cloudflare.
I want to link a secondary host so that if the primary server is overloaded, cloudflare will direct the visitor to the second server.
Is this possible?
If so, could you guide me as to how to do it?
Thank you.

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Several options, from most feature complete to most basic:

Load Balancing

Zero Downtime Failover

or just add multiple records with the same name, one for each origin.

Hi Michael, thanks!

I am guessing the last option refers to just adding additional ip address on the cloudflare DNS setting and is a free option?

When you say use same name, what does that mean?

Also, how do I know that it’s working?

Yes. If you have multiple identical records Cloudflare will alternate requests between them. No cost, but requests will be sent to an origin that is overloaded, not responding etc.

I add a header on the origin that indicates which origin served the request.

Thanks Michael, I think I am kind of getting it.
So in terms of entering details on the DNS settings page…

What exactly do I need to enter and where?
Do I create a new cname, or A record? or both?
How do I create different header for identifying purpose?


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