How to add Qiwi IP?

How do I add subnets of the QIWI payment system?
These IPs must be added.
This is written in the kiwi documentation. Without specifying these addresses, the payment does not come.

Here is the kiwi documentation:
I don’t know how to add these IPs to the allowed
Is what is shown in the screenshot correct?

I also have rules for bots:

And the rule for HTTP:
(not http.request.version in {“HTTP/2” “HTTP/3” “SPDY/3.1”})

Can you post screenshots of the firewall event log where requests from these addresses are listed?

Is that what you mean?

Yes, but post the entire screenshot with the request details.

There is also an order to the rules

That’s not the request details.

That is a previous entry, but it actually suggests that the request was sent to your server, so Cloudflare would not be involved here. Do you know what error message your provider gets?

What you could do is whitelist the ASN 43973 under IP access rules. That should whitelist the entire network.

Before that, the rule was
(ip.src in {})
Action taken: Bypass
Services Bypassed: Security level

Now I did the same thing, only I allowed access to IP. This can be seen in the first screenshot in the first post.
And so far new method has not been tested.

I see that qiwi uses HTTP Version
HTTP/1.1 which is exactly blocked by one of the rules about bots

The allow action won’t do much in this context.

You really need to establish what exactly blocks the request and you can try aforementioned whitelisting.

Is that correct?

If you could add it, then it should work. But generally it should be prefixed with AS.

AS43973 added.
We will check it out. Thank you very much for your time. I think this post will be useful for many new users.

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