How to add nameservers to a subdomain?

I’ve added my website onto Cloudflare, but my subdomains went down.
The error is “[The] server IP address could not be found.”
Is there any way to add the nameservers to the subdomain?
Or are there certain records I need to add in the DNS app? (I’ve tried adding all of the records, and this hasn’t worked.)

If you want to delegate away DNS for a subdomain, add NS records for ‘subdomain’.

Or…just add those subdomain DNS records to your domain’s DNS here.

Would it be my original nameservers or my Cloudflare nameservers?

Any subdomains under your domain are covered by Cloudflare’s name servers for your domain. You just need DNS entries for that subdomain. Probably an IP address for the “A” record, or use a CNAME if that’s what you used before.

I have an existing “A” record for the subdomain with the server IP address. Does it need “www.” before it?

No. www before a subdomain doesn’t work well. What’s the hostname?

Sorry. Do you mean these?

You can add those two as name servers for the two NS records for that subdomain.


To use Cloudflare DNS for those subdomains:

  1. How many subdomains are you trying to add?
  2. What’s the main domain name?
  3. What are the subdomain names you’re trying to add?
  1. 2
  3. Toby and Hunnyfieldsfrance.

Toby shows up, but Hunnyfieldsfrance does not. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records here? It’s ok to black out IP addresses.

The site doesn’t show up for me.
Here are the records.

I’m mostly concentrating on getting the first site up. I’ll put the records for Hunnyfields in when I’ve figured out how to get the first site up :laughing:.

There’s no entry for www.toby. Even if there was, the Cloudflare TLS certificate doesn’t cover www.subdomain.


Thanks! It worked.

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