How to add Nameservers in CF Registrar


I have transferred my domain to Cloudflare Registrar. Now, I want to add my hosting provider’s nameservers to my domain in Cloudflare, but I don’t see any option to add Nameservers in Cloudflare Registrar! It’s strange.

Please let me know how can I do it and guide me the correct way.

Update: I’ve also raised a support ticket #2146533


You cannot change the nameservers when using Cloudflare Registrar. See section 7.2 of the Terms of Service.


Ahh okay. So, is there any way around? I don’t know… like NS records or something else will work?

Then, what should we do if we can’t change the Nameservers?

You will have to transfer out of Cloudflare, unfortunately. If you just transferred in, you’ll have to wait 60 days as ICANN requires that minimum time between registrar transfers.

I just transferred in to Cloudflare, just 5 days back. Wish I would know before transfer in!

Do I need to pay again, if I already paid to Cloudflare for 1 year Domain fees??

Depends on the TLD registry. Most require each registrar transfer to extend the domain’s registration 1 year.

Yeah, this is my biggest knock against CF - the fact that you can’t edit the DNS after transferring your domain over here. :frowning:

For now, note that you must edit the DNS settings of your domain BEFORE you change to Cloudflare as your registrar.

And to Cloudflare: FIX THIS!!!

There is nothing here to fix.

Anybody can use Cloudflare services without using their Registrar product. In most scenarios, you need to use Cloudflare nameservers to use their other products (it’s just the way most need to be set up).

As a service for their customers, they offer the Registrar product. They state that it is offered without markup, which means it probably operates as a net loss when you account for credit card fees, development and customer support.

If you don’t want to use any of Cloudflares security or performance features, then their Registrar product should not really be of interest, and there are plenty of registrars that you can use. Most of my domains don’t use Registrar, and the only thing that would change if the did was who billed me the annual fee.


@michael, you’re mistaken.

“You cannot change the nameservers when using Cloudflare Registrar. See section 7.2 of the Terms of Service.”

“There is nothing here to fix.”

I.M.O., which could be wrong, as a good and transparent business practice, stuffing the only reference to a significant aspect of a service you offer, where the majority of your competition provides that aspect as “standard/included” (industry norm), in a sub-section of your companies T.O.S. with a “No, it was clearly stated” response is not the best way to gain good word of mouth within that industry.

Even Cloudflare’s support agrees that this being broadcast in their documentation needs to be changed and occur more often and much clearer.

@Judge, you are mistaken.

“If you just transferred in, you’ll have to wait 60 days as ICANN requires that minimum time between registrar transfers.”

ICANN allows for registrar’s customers to “opt-out” if the registrar offers the option. Cloudflare, at this time, does not provide customers who register domain names with them to opt out of the 60day transfer lock.

"To transfer a domain name to another registrar and change the registrant’s information, registrants may:

  • Request the transfer to another registrar before changing the registrant’s information (to avoid the 60-day lock); or
  • Have the prior registrant opt-out the 60-day lock (if the registrar offers this option) before making any change to registrant information.

Because policies may vary by registrar, please review a registrar’s policy before making a change to registrant information or transferring to another registrar."

Recently the company I am associated with ran into a situation similar to this. Still, what the OP is requested in their inquiry would have saved us revenue loss, but more importantly, the trust and loyalty of the portion of our client base who was impacted by our mistake. Even with a high amount of due diligence and testing prior, one of our domains that controls an area of our business requiring nameservers accidentally was transferred to Cloudflare with a batch of domains that only facilitate singular websites that we own. By the time we had determined what occurred, it was too late. We started to get communication from clients that their websites were down.

It’s our mistake. We own this and are taking in the shorts as a good company should when a mistake has been made. We did not thoroughly vet Cloudflare’s capacity as a commercially viable option as the registrar for domain names that maintain networks and systems. We are still working with Cloudflare support, and they are working on a resolution but have not offered a timeline as to when or if a final solution will occur.

Meanwhile, we have refunded our clients their monthly billing for this month and will be giving them free for their inconvenience next month. We have since transferred our client’s websites (much more than this, though) and have been guiding them on how to update nameservers with domain name registrars. From the start, our goal has been minimal concern and action required by our clients. Safely to say, the systems we are moving them to will not have nameservers using domain names registered with Cloudflare at this time.

Our clients were not happy, and we figure around a potential 30%-40% loss of clients who were directly impacted by our mistake.

With the number of domain names we own and are transferring to Cloudflare, we will recoup our losses (up to this point) from this. Still, it’s mind-boggling to think something so minuscule as this simple feature is, with it not being figured into Cloudflare’s product, just how much of a would impact it has made with us. It just feels like such a big waste of energy, resources, effort, support, and everyone’s time. One thing is for sure. This was one of those “I wish I knew then what I know now” moments.

I hope it helps others.

@nulledthat Not knowing all your details, along with attempting to offer a viable solution other than pointing you to Cloudflare’s T.O.S., I suggest letting Cloudflare control your domain’s DNS. Then pointing from Cloudflare to your hosting provider’s servers via Cldouflare DNS records (example: A and any AAAA records, MX, etc…) using your hosting providers’ IP address(s).

Your hosting provider should be able to walk you through this and even provide you with the proper DNS zone file to upload to Cloudflare, making the switch around much quicker. Good luck.

To be fair, other solutions (such ad, squarespace, etc) don’t tell you about the nameserver lock-in either until you google it and find a support article that specifies that it’s not possible. FYI, I don’t think this is a good policy.

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