How to add my SSL to CLoudFlare



Today out host told us we are under DDos and we need cloudflare. I activated it but we’re having problem with SSL. when I activate cloudflare users get security error (we are using a bussiness SSL). I think I should upload my ssl key and certificate to cloudflare but in crypto section I cannot find any place for doing that.
I also use free plan

what should I do?


Can you tell us which error occurs?

There’s no need to add a custom SSL to CloudFlare in order to get it working.


Normally Cloudflare issues their own SSL certificate for you, but this
isn’t instant (and lately it seems to be taking several hours).

Since you mention you are on a business plan, you should be able to go
to the Crypto tab and under “Edge Certificates” there is a button to
upload your own. But note that this is not on the Pro plan, you need the
actual Business plan.

If in doubt, contact support – You’re paying for it, and support should
give faster and better answers than the community for this particular


Thanks for the answers. Let me first clarify, I’m using cloudflare Free Plan. I just have a business SSL.
My problem is now solved, I don’t know how or why. Maybe it was what @thedaveCA mentioned and SSL needed some time to get activated. I just disabled universal ssl last night and activated it after a few hours. Today, as far as I,ve checked, everything’s working just fine.

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