How to add my hosting name servers into cloudflare?

I used Cloudflare years ago, and I’m not sure if I’m missing something or just lost intelligence.

I bought a domain. I signed up for Cloudflare with that domain. I changed the name servers from the domain provider to the ones provided by Cloudflare.

My domain now points to Cloudflare nameservers. Great. Now how do I add the name servers my web hosting service provides me, TO Cloudflare?

I always thought it worked in a way that, you set your domain nameservers to cloudflares, then go to Cloudflare and give them your nameservers basically, and they act as the DNS middleman/proxy sort of.

But I’m not seeing an easy way to do it. I see in the DNS management section I can add “NS” (assuming nameserver?), but when I do it, it also asks for a name, in which case it then says “ is being managed by

Am I missing a button, or what the ■■■■ am I doing wrong?


You dont add the nameservers. You add the individual DNS records, which you need to copy over from your host.

But where do I find the DNS information and not just the nameservers my host supplies? I’m using cPanel if that helps…

Your host’s control panel should have all the DNS information. If not, contact them. However Cloudflare typically imports common hostnames anyhow when you add the domain.

I didn’t have hosting set up before I migrated to CloudFlare, so I’m assuming it imported nothing.

What exact DNS information do I need, can you clarify? Is it these entries underneath the DNS Zone Editor in CPanel (red is my domain blurred out)?

You change the nameservers for your domain with the registrar and point those the Cloudflare.

Yeah… I know… That’s what I’m did, and not the question I’m asking.

I just want to know what DNS records exactly I need to import from my hosting provider, into Cloudflare.

Then all those records that you have in the screenshot. Name, Type and destination are all needed.

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