How to add more than 3 locations in free plan

as the free version mentions there are 50 locations for the free plan but we can’t add more than 3 locations only, what is wrong, please?

You may have too many waiting to initialize, that often stops the process for adding new zones.

Where did you see that you can only have 50 locations? Can you share a link?

check the attached file

That definitely says 50 locations. When did you sign up for Teams? There was an old Free tier that was much more limited.

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i can add only 3 locations ! . I need to add a total of 18 locations

I am pretty sure the limit is 3, it’s a typo…

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They’re supposed to give me 50 haha

They are not, as that’s a typo. It’s 50 locations in the enterprise plan.

@cwaters is going to love this. At least her Friday (unless she sees this today) won’t be boring.


Always throwing me the fun ones, @sdayman!

Thank y’all for the heads up - my team doesn’t handle the plan sign-up pages, but I’ll pass this on to the right folks.


Actually @m.gaddah - can you share the link to which page you saw this “bundles” message on? The places I’m checking have it listed correctly, want to make sure we catch the place with the error.

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check the attached file above

I see the screenshot, but I can’t actually find where that is myself. Do you see it on a public page somewhere or within your account?


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