How to add more dns record quota to a pro account?

hello, i have a question.
how to add more dns record quota to current pro account ?

thank you.

Last time I tested, paid plans were limited to 3,500 records on a zone, and free plans were limited to 1,000. Enterprise customers can request an increase from their Customer Success Team.

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so even it a pro account limited to 3500 records only and no option to add more records to 1 zone except upgrade to enterprise plan ?

That is correct.

What is the use case where you need more than 3,500 records? (Just curious)

my bussines is SaaS (MIXRADIUS - ISP Billing System) and one record will be assigned to one customer/subscriber to access their application where its cloud based and running on our server, so we just need dns zone/record feature only on our cloudflare subscription.

If they’re all running on your server, you can use a wildcard DNS record that points to your server.

but its using different cname record, like this :

app1(.)mydomain(.)com >> cname : srv1(.)mydomain(.)com
app2(.)mydomain(.)com >> cname : srv1(.)mydomain(.)com

So a CNAME for * pointing to would do the trick.

Cloudflare for Platforms is a potential option for you. It would allow you to create hostnames within your customers own domain such as The hostname limit is 5,000. Again, Enterprise customers can request an increase.

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i dont understand with your answer, how it can be a solution in implementation.
here is my currently records list for my customers

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