How to add more content types in worker for customizing http headers?

I am using the code provieded here for customizing my http headers. In this code, we are using the function for content type “text/html” only. How can we add other types like “text/xml” and “image/x-icon” etc ?

Within the addHeaders() function, replace the .includes("text/html") to .match(/(text\/html)|(text\/xml)|(image\/x-icon)/g).

The code snippet becomes like this:

async function addHeaders(req) {
    let response = await fetch(req)
    let newHeaders = new Headers(response.headers)

    const tlsVersion =
    // This sets the headers for HTML responses: 
    if (newHeaders.has("Content-Type") && !newHeaders.get("Content-Type").match(/(text\/html)|(text\/xml)|(image\/x-icon)/g)) {
        return new Response(response.body, {
            status: response.status,
            statusText: response.statusText,
            headers: newHeaders

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Thank you very much @erictung…! It is now working correctly and adding the intended headers for those content types.

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