How to add Jquery? Is Adsense supported?

It seemed simple to me to add Jquery code to the extra field with custom HTML (it says that script can also be used there). However, if I copy the source code from and place it there, Zaraz prints it on my web page instead of executing it.
I tried to add it with and without , but nothing works. Firing triggers is placed on pageview.
Unlike Jquery, for example, the Quantcast script consent code works without any problems.

I don’t see Adsense as an option to add a new tool, so I conclude that Zaraz does not support Adsense yet?

@dariomarkovic Jel vezano za AdSense Auto Ads ili općenito AdSense oglase? :thinking:

I have to try out, however I’d like to suggest you to add your vote for this feature implemeneted in hopefully soon future (just in case) here:

Some other topics I found:

Vezano je za Adsense oglase. Ne Auto Adsense.

Regarding Adsense, since I don’t use the Auto Adsene option, it is for general Adsense. Basically, as I see it, it should work with adding a unique ca-pub number (i have replace my own with xxxxxxxxx) that is unique to the Adsense user, because only this line of code below, in fact, is the line that should be deleted, and it goes through Zaraz.

<script async src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

I don’t use Auto Adsense because it is not good for CLS due to the lack of control.

And any idea regarding Jquery?