How to add https to my site

Whil setting up my site in Cloudflare, my site was not having SSL. So it was using Cloudflare shared ssl.
Now I purchased an SSL certificate to my server and it is configured. But in Cloudflare, How can I specify that my site is have an SSL?

I dontt want to use Cloudflare SSL as I installed separate SSL on my server.

Plz guide me.


It is good you got a certificate for your server, as that is a prerequisite for a secure site.

There is nothing you need to configure within Cloudflare, just make sure your SSL mode is “Full strict”.

Note though, you will still have Cloudflare’s certificate as well (assuming you are proxying) as that one will protect your site additionally on Cloudflare’s server. The one on your server is only protecting your own server.

Assuming, you want to display visitor your own SSL certificate. Let’s take an example, you have domain validated or ev SSL.

Method 1: Free

  • Use Cloudflare DNS only mode, pass traffic to origin

Method 2: Use Business plan.

  • Then you will get option to leverage Cloudflare usual benefits like performance and security with your own SSL.

I hope this helps

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