How to add glb and wip DNS records

We are in the process of moving from onprem to Cloudflare. Our DNS setup is almost complete, but there is something I can’t find any information on (I’m not the most knowledgable person, as it pertains to DNS, but I’m the one they asked to reach out).

My question pertains to glb and wip records, which are (from my understanding) used for forward lookups. I’m not sure how to set these up in Cloudflare.

Here is an example of what is inside the glb record (they are pretty much all the same:

Do simply create the ns records with @ (root) for name, and the NS data records, and simply the ignore the creation of glb, glb1, and wip as records?


And more to it, I guess since they are working similar to subdomains, I’d just create an A or CNAME record with glbdotdomaindotorg?


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