How to add file index.html in cloudflare?

Hi mate…!! Can you share your experiences regarding “How to add file index.html in Cloudflare ?”

May I suggest you to check these references?

Get more answers by :search: in the forum or the doc.

I, too, have the same question, and those suggested pages do not answer that question. I’ve configured both a Git repo integration and a direct upload project. I’ve left the index.html file in the Git root folder and created a public/ folder, and hosted it there. Neither one works in pages. There’s a missing config somewhere not in the documentation.

Go to Youtube, search “Cloudflare pages html” and you will find plenty of tutorials showing how to do exactly what you asked for.

When using Cloudflare Pages, I had an issue where I couldn’t upload an index.html using the Direct Upload UI in the dashboard. If I did that, I just saw raw HTML when visiting the website.

I had to use the wrangler CLI to workaround the issue.