How to add Email DNS for a Forwarded site

Hello is Just simple Forwarded to my Main site But I like to add 1 email for is this possible?

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Cloudflare is not an email service provider. Your question is better directed to that entity if you have one. Once you have configured your email service to accept messages for your new domain, you will need to configure your MX records according to their directions. If you plan on sending email from that domain, you will need to configure DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records as well.

Cloudflare does have an inbound-only email forwarding service known as Cloudflare Email Routing. You may be able to configure it to suit your needs. It is important to understand that email forwarding has limited capabilities and can yield unexpected and oftentimes unreliable results. For those reasons, I recommend against its use when better options are available.

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I do have an email account
I just need Couldflare to Authentic it but since my site is
I can not for my forwarded site

Hey there, sure! As long as Cloudflare is the authoritative DNS provider for and you have the records ready to be added on Cloudflare.

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