How to add domain

Hi everyone,

I am to log in and then choose ‘add domain’ in the menu above. It’s not visible. Anyone any tips on how to get there anyway?


What is not visible? Can you post a screenshot?

I stand corrected, I now (?) do see the link ‘add a domain’, but it doesn’t work…

And what does not work? A slightly better description might be useful :wink:

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Yes, sorry, I was going under in all this new info :laughing:
This is what I see:

So basically I cannot find ‘add’….

And this one after that

You just said it worked.

Also, that’s the support documentation, not the actual site.

You can add a site at

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Thank you! I was just running around like an idiot in the support documentation, but I fell for all the links

No worries, my pleasure :slight_smile:.

Wow, I apparently had already done this when I created my Cloudflare account but I didn’t think I had because my site is still slow and a checkers website advised to add a CDN (all this is new to me so I realise my stumbling does not mean there is anything wrong other then with my understanding)

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@sandro if you still feel like helping, I’d greatly appreciate it. Yesterday I was a complete rookie, today I know 0,5%. I get the impression my website now works through a CDN, that is: when I check it, it seems okay. But whenever I check performance (through a third party) it keeps coming back: ‘use a CDN!’ I made this screen shot. I believe I am missing something but I’m at a loss…

Does it load fine? If it does, ignore that fearmongering. Sites loaded fine before anyone even knew what CDN could possibly mean. So it’s really not a must for every site to have a CDN.

That being said, those performance checks are not smart enough to determine that your site is actually already on Cloudflare. On the other hand Cloudflare is not really a CDN either but rather a geographically distributed caching reverse proxy setup. Similar to a CDN, but still not a CDN.

And yes, I know Cloudflare advertises with CDNadvertisesmarketing

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@sandro Thank you! Yes it does load fine and I’m not embarrassed when I compare the performance with a lot of other sites (that do the same thing I do, so get the same kind of visitors). It’s just ambition on my part, I guess (want it to be the best :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) I also found this one (print screen), so I really don’t know, or maybe like you say, because it’s not technically a CDN it’s not read as such…

As I said, you can ignore that. Technically they are right that your domain is not a “CDN” but your site is on Cloudflare which is more or less the equivalent.

On a completely different subject :slight_smile: check your encryption mode on Cloudflare, that should be “Full Strict”. If it isn’t change that.

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