How to add domain instead of full url

Hi there, i’m newbie here and try to do my own private DNS filtering.
I have disable DHCP on my provider box, used a NAS as DHCP server, subscribe a Cloudflare Zero Trust free account and done some step like setting my location, define a first policy in DNS for blocking using security selector and some value as spam, fishing, etc … that’s ok.

Now i try to add my own list for domain blocking, but when i select domain in selector then “in list” i get message “no liste of this type exist”.

I try to go to list and creat one, but i have no choice for creating a domain list.

I can’t find if it’s a limitation of free account or a setting that i have to check to enable this kind of list.
I have compare free and payed offer and i don’t see difference for that.

Thanks to help me with this issue.

Hostnames is what you are searching for there :slight_smile:

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Nice, many thanks.
Term used is sometime confusing :wink:

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The correct terminology here is hostname, though, as they allow you to add subdomains to the list as well. :slight_smile:

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