How to add DNS Record

I am trying to connect my website to CDN Cloudflare, so would you mind if you help me in this regard please

Before you do anything with Cloudflare, you should make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS, otherwise the whole thing won’t work.

Right now it does not and you should talk to your host or web developer about that.

How to do that, I am the one that developing and maintaining my website

this is about having SSL Certificate

Sure, as I said

So I have to buy SSL certificate first I think

You can do that, but there are certainly also plenty of free SSL certificates out there. For example, Let’s Encrypt.

Could you please help me in this regard please, where I can find free SSL please

Does the SSL certificate will solve the issue that you mentioned regarding having loading on finest HTTPS, please

Google really has all the information on that. Cloudflare also offers certificates,, but they are more limited than others.

And yes, the SSL certificate will naturally solve the HTTPS issue, once properly configured on your server.

Bottom line, your site needs to load fine on HTTPS. Once that works you can consider Cloudflare.

I have also tested the performance of my website through GTmetrix and I have the following issue in my website;

Use HTTP/2 for all resources. Does adding SSL certificate will help solve this issue please

HTTP is unrelated to SSL. You really need to get SSL up and running, then you can consider Cloudflare.

I find way to provide SSL by Cloudflare

the SSL is available by Cloudflare. How and what should I put in DNS Record.

You don’t put anything “in a DNS record”, you need to properly add your site to Cloudflare and follow the appropriate steps.

But again, fix your site for now. Once your site loads fine we can continue with the other steps. You need to do this in the right order.

Cloudflare by default provides you with a free SSL certificate :smiley:

and to use the free SSL you don’t have to add any record in your DNS

That is only the proxy certificate and won’t get the OP far. He first needs to fix the server.

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Absolutely correct!

Without Cloudflare and without an SSL, you have just one connection:


as soon as you use Cloudflare :orange: this results in:


Means Cloudflare provides you with 1! SSL Cert, but also adds another connection which leaves you at the situation where you have started: an unsecure connection, even if it looks like it’s secure to the outside. Makes you basically a criminal for stating to your visitors that your connection is secure, but then send their data unecrypted through the web.

An unsecure connection is a connection which is not fully encrypted.

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To recap