How to add DNS record for a subdomain pointing to a different IP-address?

i have a domain with A record set to point to my server ip
eg: 73.x.x.38

now i have a subdomain which is hosted on different ip…
eg ; 178.x.x.19

how do i add DNS record for this subdomain, so that points to the other ip with out affecting my existing main domain?


Below tutorial could help how to add a new DNS record, A test with the content field value of your desired IP address - pointed to it. Make sure it’s :orange: proxied.

If just you need to change the IP address of the sub-domain, next to that DNS record is the button “Edit” which you click and change the IP address to the new one. Upon successfull change, you click “Save” to apply the changes.

More information about how to manage DNS records at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain can be read on the below article:

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thanks @fritex

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