How to add code on a page to display site seal

I am currently setup with a dedicated SSL. The $5 a month plan. I am trying to find the code that is needed to display the site seal on a page in the website.

Which seal? You can place whatever logo you want on your page. To be honest, that doesnt have much meaning anyhow though.

I have alway used trustwave which offered a short bit of code that displayed a site seal. when a customer would click on it , it would display that the site is secure and validated.

I doubt this has anything to do with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare doedn’t offer any “seals”.
In case you need to verify your page to get this seal, you better contact Trustwave’s support.

Again, you can add whatever you wish :). Cloudflare doesnt offer any of that sort.

I do not have any SSL with any company anymore. Please pardon me as I don’t know anything about SSL except to insure a customer that the site has a valid certificate. If you click on the padlock next to the url in the address bar you can see that the site is valid. I’m trying to add that into one of my pages on the site.49%20AM

Possibly the dynamic web bedges on this page are what you are looking for? They show that a site is protected etc. by Cloudflare and change their state depending on whether CF is active.

That assurance does not come from a seal on your site though, but from a padlock in the browser. And even that UI element is on its way out as browsers are moving towards an HTTPS-by-default approach where HTTPS pages are not particularly marked, but insecure pages instead.

I am not saying there might not be some people who still frantically look for such seals, but generally speaking that was a 90s and 2000s thing. You shouldnt really have to bother about that.

I completely agree with you @sandro but was just pointing them out to the OP :grinning:

The “trust seals” from other providers carry equally little weight when it comes to this!

My response was not directed to your earlier reply but aiming at the OP’s comment about that assurance to visitors :slight_smile:

I didnt have the faintest idea these badges even existed but I wouldnt even know what to do with them :smile:.

As you mentioned, all these image badges are kind of nice gimmicks, but their weight is similar as the one of an anorexic fashion model :wink:


Personally, I feel that the more of them a website has, the less I trust it… Major websites feel no need for them and it makes me suspicious when they try and look “too secure!”

I have seen too many scam sites that claim to have enournous amounts of these things!!

Seconded! It somewhat looks like those landing pages where you can get a really great offer for a “how to get rich” ebook if you order within the next twenty minutes.

Courtesy of Geocities - I guess :smile:

Sorry @shopketubah, I got slightly off-topic but in short, I really dont think you need it, but if you do, you can pick whichever seal you find, it doesnt really matter. Cloudflare doesnt offer any unless you want one of the images posted by @domjh.

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Which are… :logoflip: DYNAMIC :logodrop: :joy:

But yes… Slightly off topic!

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Good point, for an image? Why?! At least they have a console.error message when it couldnt be loaded :wink: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And thankfully Cloudflare did not use a f-r-a-m-e-w-o-r-k and loaded the images via dependency injection :laughing:

Sorry, off-topic again :blush:

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Nothing says secure more than

<blink>Secure Website</blink>
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left">Secure Website</marquee>


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