How to add Cloudflare free SSL in a add-on domain?

Hi there!
First of all i am not an expert technical guy. Just know some wordpress thing and manage my business websites.
I have already used cloudflare free SSL in one of my website both domain and hosting is in .

Recently i have bought another domain form because whois privacy was free in namecheap. I have already add the website (using hostinger “add website” option) in hostinger, my existing hosting by changing name server on namecheap.

Now the thing is, according to my knowledge, if i want to use free ssl, i need to change the name server in namecheap to cloudflare. According to my knowledge, if i change that my domain will not show my website (sorry if i am wrong).

Please help me to find the way how i can use the free ssl service of cloudflare now !!!


Hostinger includes free SSL. Make sure you have that enabled before you add your domain to Cloudflare.

Once your site is working properly with HTTPS, use the Cloudflare dashboard to “+Add Site”. Then Cloudflare will scan your DNS records (double check this against the Hostinger DNS record list) and then you can change your name servers.

Your website will continue to work as it did before Cloudflare, but with Cloudflare’s enhanced features.

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