How to add to allowed?

Hi, everyone. I’m new user. Have a problem with crawler bots. How to add to allowed for forever without captcha and etc… ?

this is correct?

Looks good

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I suppose it depends on what’s blocking them in the first place. Cloudflare doesn’t block known bots by default.

You’d have to check the Firewall Events Log (Firewall → Overview) to find out what setting is blocking these bots.

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I’m sorry, I didn’t phrase my question correctly.
No, the system doesn’t block them, it’s just that I read the guidelines, and in the guidelines you need to include permission;

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Can you provide a link to those guidelines? Known Bots are well-behaved, and Cloudflare doesn’t block them unless you configure Cloudflare to block them.

Looks like you’re right, it says here that if you use a BLOCK rule, and I don’t use any rules other than Allow known bots.

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