How to Add AWS SES Verification TXT Records to Cloudflare

Hello Forum, I hope you are all safe and well. I am attempting to Verify my domain for AWS SES. I am using the TXT record generated by AWS SES system. Here are an example of the the DNS records format. Can someone tell m e how to add these TXT records to my Cloudflare DNS to verify I own this domain?


Can you help?
Thank you

Have a look at Manage DNS records ยท Cloudflare DNS docs.

Go to DNS within your Cloudflare dashboard. Click the Add record button.

Select TXT for the Type. Input _amazonses in the Name (required) field. Put whatever record value they gave you in the Content (required) field.

Click the Save button.

Thanks for the reply. I had done that previously. Still waiting for the record to propagate. Thanks again!

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