How to add and protect 1 main domain and 3 parked domain correctly

Hi all!
I am new so I am donnot experience I want to ask:

  1. Now I have one Main Domain is that ready added to cloudflare so when I ping:
    ping It is hidden real ip (protected)
  2. Then I have three domains:
  • example1
  • example2
  • example3
    all of them are redirect to main domain example… but when I check ip of them
    They are still showed real IP
    How is correctly way to protect all of them ( Main domain and parked domain)

Thank you

Hi @keogiamcanizzi,

You will need to configure each domain with Cloudflare and then either keep your redirect as it is, or set it up on Cloudflare. There is no option to add domains with the same settings, unfortunately, you will have to add each one separately.

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