How to add an owasp rule in a specific cname record

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I didn´t find any results.

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The owasp rules was added in all records.

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I have many records under my website like and I want to add a owasp rule in this record. Is it possible?

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No errors

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Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

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Edit the Rule Set, then edit its scope to only include the hostname you want covered by the rule set.

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Right, but I need to add diferent rules to diferents hosts like this. has a Method is not allowed by policy rule, but, doesn´t. Is it possible do this?

I believe so. On the Managed Rules tab, click Add Exemption. From there you can add your hostname, and select the specific rules you want it excluded from. You can do that for each hostname and exemption needed.

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