How to add an application for free in "Access" without entering credit card detail?

In previous version of “Access” I could add add an application for free; but now when I click on “choose a plan” I am forced to enter my credit card info; How can I add an application in “Access” section of Zaraz freely without ant force on entering credit card detail?

Sorry, but I am not sure if I understand the issue. Using Zaraz currently doesn’t require a CC. Is this about Access or Zaraz?

Sorry I was a bit confused.
I wanted to use “Access” section on “Zero Trust”.
I have to choose a plan, and when I select “Zero Trust Free” plan, and when I procced I see that I’m forced to enter my CC and other data in “Payment method”
Without adding a payment option I can NOT use “Access” section freely.

This is correct, unfortunately you are unable to use Cloudflare Zero Trust without a payment method.

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