How to add an Alias record

I’m currently doing a DNS migration and came across an Alias A record which seems to point to an FTP A record.

It looks something like this in the Amazon DNS editor

A “”
A “ALIAS (z1g95j3jh3sjsk45)”

I’m trying to replicate this in Cloudflare but I’m not sure how to go about this. What I’ve tried so far is looking for an alias in the drop down on record type when adding a new record and simply typing the “ALIAS (z1g95j3jh3sjsk45)” into an A record field. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Create a CNAME record instead.

Thanks for your reply sandro. So would that be entered as follows?:

Thanks again

You just enter as target.

Thanks again. What about the value in brackets? Do you know what that is?

You need to clarify with whomever provided you that with.

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