How to add allow list on cloudflare just like peerblock

I would like to add a notepad server IP on Cloudflare so I can allow IPs like in peerblock.

Is there a way to config the firewall so I can update IP on a notepad and have Cloudflare to allow it in the firewall?

The only way that I can think of it being done is to make an API call to Cloudflare to block the new IP.

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How do I go about doing this?

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It is not a simple process and requires coding.

You would need to use the update filters endpoint and basically append each new IP when the notepad file changes.

so you telling me there’s no way to update a list for IP where Cloudflare can access and allow or deny the IP list? not even a page rule

Check the IP source file?

You are trying to replicate a specific piece of software in another platform. No that specific function to read a file created in notepad and stored in %random location % doesn’t exist in Cloudflare natively.

Cloudflare offers a number of ways to block or allow access. None of them are ‘just like’ peerblock based on my my 30 seconds of Google searching though.

Use IP lists in a firewall rule
Use Cloudflare Access for zero trust based access to resources
Use a worker to read a list from an external source
Create a firewall rule with nn IPs and update via API

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