How to add ads.txt file in cloudflare

Hello!! I have faced ads.txt file add problem. Already i added ads.txt file on my site hosting then after some days i moved to cloudflare free plan. then successfully add my site into cloudflare. My site has google ads so they said add ads.txt file on root level domain. already i added. when i moved cloudflare i face this problem so could anyone please help me how to add ads.txt file in cloudflare…
I read a topic of ads.txt add in cloudflare community. i tried that way but i can’t showing ads.txt file while search ( so please let me how to fix this problem

If you put a file on your server, Cloudflare will pass it along to your visitors. You didn’t post the domain name, so we can’t test this.

It’s possible to have a Cloudflare worker deliver this file for you, but it’s a tedious process that you shouldn’t have to go through for this situation.

Thank you very much sdayman! Really appreciate your expertise.
There is already have a ads.txt file on hosting & while opening my site as ( i can show ads details. but google adsense says i’m not add ads.txt file in root level domain
I follow this method & ads.txt on cloudflare (this method of networkchimp
still facing the ads.txt not add message in adsense
my site is tamilwide
please check it…
thank you!!

That file is there. It’s possible the Google test is being blocked. You can check the Firewall Event Log in the Cloudflare dashboard. You might have to dig around and look for a request going to ads.txt.

It would help if you could get a more feedback from Google on the error they are receiving for ads.txt

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