How to add/adjust DNS records for office 365

You will have to adjust the DNS records on Cloudflare according to the instructions provided by Microsoft.

How can I do that when I can’t log into the Cloudflare, the Cloudflare name servers are provided by

Thank you Sandro for the reply

Cloudflare nameservers are provided by Cloudflare, not One. Are you on a partner setup?

What’s the domain? is the domain we have registered at

Very grateful for your help Sandro.

That domain is using Cloudflare nameservers and you just need to adjust the records on Cloudflare as mentioned before. That’s all.

The more concerning issue, your server certificate expired in February and, considering that your site nonetheless loads, that indicates you must have picked an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. You should fix this as soon as possible and renew your server certificate and set the encryption mode to “Full strict”.

How do I log onto my domain on cloudflare?

Editing DNS Records has all on that.

Though logging into your Cloudflare account won’t fix the certificate issue. You need to renew your server certificate, contact your host for that.

Ok, thanks, I have contacted our host for this, but still its not clear to me how we can confirm the domain when we dont have an account at cloudflare

You must have an account otherwise your domain would not be on Cloudflare. Also, logging here onto the forum implies you having an account.

I created an account here now, but that’s not the one with the name server or can I connect our domain here with our newly opened account?

sorry for all these stupid questions, feel very small right now.

In that case you’d need to find out which email address you used for the other account. If that does not work, you can only switch to your new account by adding the domain to your new account and changing the domain’s nameservers to the those which will be given to you after adding the domain.

Will this affect the websites?

Depends on your configuration and if you make sure you are re-configuring everything exactly as it is. But you won’t have any other option if that domain is on an account where you don’t have access.

Ok, are there anyone that can be consulted for this?

Consulted for what? has everything you need.

Apart from that you can only talk to your web developer or maybe your host has suggestions here but a Cloudflare setup is typically done by you.

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Hi @user3767, I looked at your account - on the Community and for your Cloudflare dashboard account.

The account you are using on this forum is the same account that has the active domain. The name servers were confirmed today and I show you made a change to a dashboard setting.

And, the DNS records do need to be adjusted, it appears you have a lot of duplicate records and I see an error 1000 on the site, this was most likely introduced when the site was moved from one cf account to another and our IPs were picked up, here is the history I see, Here’s a #Tutorials on the Error 1000, Fixing Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP.

The link @sandro shared to edit your records shows you how, your hosting provider can tell you what IP address to use for your A record.

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I’ve sent this to the developers. I underetasje my limits and they have been met here. Thanks guys for the help. I’ll post soon here at what outcome my mission has gotten:

Mission is:

To remove the one.coms office 365 organisations connection to my domain for us to be able to connect our domain to the office 365 and to have the certificate updated as well as everything back in order.

Thanks so far community :pray:t2:

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You are talking about email, right? You seem to have fixed your web related records, as the site is now loading again via Cloudflare however the MX record still points to your host. This is what you will have to fix and where you’ll have to adjust the records according to what Microsoft provided you with.

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