How to add a parameter to the warp service?

Regarding this topic on disabling the switch, we tried to enable switch_locked by adding the parameter on the service’s property window but it’s not working. We tried the following formats:

-switch_locked true

What is the correct format?

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This has to be passed during installation, a sample will be as below,

Cloudflare_WARP_Release-x64.msi /quiet ORGANIZATION=“exampleorg” SERVICE_MODE=“warp” GATEWAY_UNIQUE_ID=“fmxk762nrj” SWITCH_LOCKED=“true” SUPPORT_URL=“

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I tried deployment with intune following the documentation above, but run into a fatal error: Fatal error during installation (0x80070643), my config below. Any idea?

/quiet ORGANIZATION="**********" SERVICE_MODE=“warp” SWITCH_LOCKED=“true” AUTO_CONNECT=“1” SUPPORT_URL=“mailto://[email protected]**************”

The config/attributes looks good, can you try to run this locally on the machine itself(open CMD as Administrator) just to rule out if this is an issue with windows permissions?

Also, I would recommend downloading the latest version of the Warp from App Center

Locally it’s working perfectly from the command line using the latest version of Warp. I can see we had the previous version on intune ( I’ve replaced with the newer version, hopefully that’d fix it.

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