How to add a OPENPGPKEY (Type 61) record?

Hi all,

I’ve seen that Cloudflare has added a lot of DNS RR types for security-related issues, such as SMIMEA, TLSA, among others.

However, it seems that OPENPGPKEY (type 61) is not part of that list (yet)? I’ve searched all I could about that type, related to Cloudflare’s support of that type, but I didn’t find anything relevant — except for a feature request back in 2018.

I’ve even tried to upload a file with the relevant data (either using IN OPENPGPKEY or IN TYPE61 \# 7522), but the upload fails, claiming that the type is ‘invalid’.

Assuming that there is some way to get Cloudflare to recognize type 61, what steps are necessary to get it working?

If type 61 is currently unsupported, and no plan exists to support it in the near future, where can I add an ‘official’ feature request?

Thanks in advance!


  • Gwyn

(ah, the olden days when there were just a handful of RR types around…)

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