How to add a NULL MX record


Hello all,

RFC7505 defines the syntax and use of NULL MX records for domains that are not configured to receive email.
In such NULL MX records, the priority should be 0 and the target server name set to a . (single dot). I tried to create such a record in the Cloudflare web interface but it fails when adding it with the following message:
DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): Invalid content for an MX record (Code: 9009)

Maybe I’m doing it incorrectly. Has anyone succeeded in adding NULL MX records? Or is support for them lacking on Cloudflare?

Thanks in advance for any pointers


Not a feature we support today, but is one we are working on.


@rene.barbier, just got notification this is now supported. You can create an Mx record with a weight of “0” and a value of “.”

Love it when I’m able to deliver new features in a week. :slight_smile:


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