How to add a new CNAME record

Hi. New here and not super techy so unsure if I’m asking this right…

I’m trying to use a software called Bonjoro to send video messages to some of my potential clients.

Bonjoro says I need to verify my domain with them by adding a new CNAME record to my DNS.

They’ve provided me with the KEY and VALUE to copy/paste.

However, when I go to the DNS area on Cloudflare and click to add a CNAME record, I do not see KEY or VALUE. I see NAME and TARGET. Are these the same? Not sure what to copy/paste or where to put it.

Any help welcome! Thanks!

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Hi @rose1,

This tutorial provides a guide on adding records, but won’t help with your question about the naming of different fields!

Key and Value are usually used for specific types of records, but generally not for CNAMEs. They should tie up, though. Do you have a link to or screenshot of their instructions, so we can check?

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Thanks! Here’s the text of the email Bonjoro sent me on how to do it:

  1. Head to your DNS provider. (Eg: GoDaddy)
  2. Find the DNS management area
  3. Add a new CNAME record:
  1. Head back to bonjoro
  2. Click verify, wait a couple of minutes.
  3. You will receive another email with confirmation
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No problem, yes you should be fine to add that like this:

Ignore the new lines, that doesn’t matter as long as there are no spaces.

Thanks! That was how I had done it (although my proxy status was “proxied” not “DNS only” - just changed it per your example) and it hadn’t verified on Bonjoro’s end after several hours. I’ll give it more time and see if it resolves. Thanks!

No problem, the proxied state will most likely stop it from verifying, due to the way Cloudflare works. It should work OK, as per their instructions, now that it’s :grey:.

Just letting you know that changing changing Proxy status to “DNS only” worked. Thanks so much!

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Fantastic, no problem!

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