How to add a Glue Record to delegate subdomain DNS

Morning all,
I am sure it’s something simple that I am missing.

How do I add glue records for Nameservers to delegate a subdomain to Plesk server?


  • I have
  • I want to delegate DNS to a plesk server installation
  • Plesk is configured, and asks me to add following:
    • Glue Records:
      • (some ipv4 address)
      • (some ipv4 address)
    • NS records:

I have added the NS records for the subdomain in Cloudflare. But it’s obviously not working since it needs to resolve ip address of and

I tried adding A records for ns1 and n2 on cloudflare, but it still doesn’t resolve to the required ipv4 address.

How can I get this sorted?

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Make sure that your glue records are set to :grey: DNS Only otherwise they will be published using Cloudflare proxy IPs instead of the IPs used by your delegated nameservers.

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