How to add a FRAME around video

Sounds silly, but I cannot figure out WHERE to insert the code to make a FRAME around my video!
Is it an “iframe” attribute? Should it look like this?

If it’s for the Stream video player, you can experiment with CSS for that element:

Yes, thank you for that. Not for nothing but the code ACCIDENTALLY worked here! As you can
see by that big square up there, lol. I’m not super illiterate with coding… and what I have already written SHOULD have worked! Also, I have been to that page link you sent above, played with the code there… and cannot figure it out.

It should be very simple IF Cloudflare allows a frame using their platform. I don’t want to keep TRYING and it is impossible! :frowning:

Can ANYONE please answer if you have made a frame for your video before? YES or NO?

I personally don’t think its possible. I sure hope it is as this floating video without a border looks pretty crappy. Thank you!

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