How to add a domain which is on public suffix list

What would be the recommended way to add a new site/domain in Cloudflare which is on the Public Suffix List.

If a domain, i.e., is listed on the Public Suffix List, the dashboard shows the following error:

We were unable to identify as a registered domain

A support ticket 2686036 has more details including the specific domain to be added.

Any help is appreciated.

Are you saying the actual domain you are trying to add is, itself, on the PSL?

Is so then see this topic:

That’s correct.
Here’s an example - let’s say the domain is on the PSL.

This setup allows you to host your customer’s websites on subdomains, such as and while making sure they cannot set cookies on the or domain. Only their respective subdomains.

With this setup you cannot add or as a domain in Cloudflare.
You could add, but that does not help you manage DNS config for or

The other option is the Enterprise plan, which seems like an overkill if you’re only looking to manage the DNS configuration.

OK, then unfortunately I think the only option would be to discuss this with Sales on a contract, you won’t be able to add it as a regular domain.

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