How to add a domain to cloudflare

Hello everyone,

Somebody who can help me out with registering a domain at Cloudflare?

I have got a freenom address which points to a Weebly website (frame cloaking):

So by entering the http adress one reaches the Weebly https site (but still with the http address in the commandline.)

Now, what do I have to do here on cloudflare in order to transform the http address to a https address?

Has anyone a step by step tutorial at hand?

Thanks so much.



That’s not what Cloudflare is for. Your site needs to load fine on HTTPS before you use Cloudflare.

You can get an Origin certificate, but that’s not different from any Let’s Encrypt certificate and still needs to be configured on your server.

Your host seems to support custom domains already anyhow and I assume will also issue a certificate.

Check out for details.

No, as already mentioned you need to fix this on the server. Follow the link I posted earlier for details and contact your host.

Even if you kept the frame approach (which is not a good idea), you’d still need to make that load on HTTPS and that probably will not work.

Generally, I’d advise against Freenom domains as already two registries revoked the service and the domains on Freenom did not work any more.

In short, get a proper .com and contact your host to clarify how to map the domain and get SSL working.

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